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There are many points to be noticed when using the dust collector.

Release date:2018-07-06 15:52:06
After the dust gas of the small boiler dust collector enters the equipment from the top of the equipment, the dust gas is rotated downward along the axis with high speed, and the centripetal force is applied to remove the dust from the coarser particles, and the initial dust concentration in the electric field is effectively controlled. Then, the gas will enter the electric field through the lower ash bucket. Because the cut area of the bottom is more than the accumulated number of the inner tube, the radial and axial wind speed decreases rapidly and produces the zero velocity interface according to the rotation moment invariance principle, so that the heavy particle dust in the inner tube is settled into the lower ash bucket, and the dust concentration in the incoming electric field and the low concentration of dust are reduced. The gas is condensed on the anode and cathode plates by electric dust collection, and the dust collected is sent away by the lock and wind ash discharging device after cleaning and vibrating. In order to prevent the two dust from being formed in the bottom ash hopper after the inner tube whirlwind and the electric field plate striking, special isolation cone is set up in the bottom ash hopper.
There are many points for attention when using dust remover:
To prevent dust removal efficiency, it is necessary to prevent gas from being cooled below the dew point in the bag room, especially when the bag filter is used under negative pressure. Because its shell often has air leakage, the bag chamber gas temperature is lower than dew point, filter bag will be dampened, the dust is not loose, but sticky attached to the filter bag, the fabric hole is blocked, resulting in dust removal, the deduster is too large, can not continue to run, and some paste bag can not dust.

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